Privacy policy

Oficina da T-shirt ®
A Trademark is a word, a symbol, a design (or a combination), used to distinguish the goods or services of a person or organization in the market.
The Trademarks protect the product or service, are considered property of the author. A trademark can be protected through legal proceedings against plagiarism or misuse of it.
The data collected will be processed, of which the customer management and services of the Oficina da T-shirt as well as shares of Promotional Marketing of new products or services.
We guarantee to our customers that no authority outside the Oficina da  T-shirt, have access to our database.
The collection of data identifying the user may be made via Internet
( ), mail ( ) or our telephone contacts.
All data collection operate according to more stringent safety rules.
Quality Policy Products
The Oficina da  T-shirt offers you a variety of services, ensuring the highest quality of products we sell.
All orders placed by our customers, are properly packaged and transported with the utmost quality and safety.
The Oficina T-shirt has a commitment to privacy and security of the personal information of each client.
Personal data of customers will only be used by the Office of the T-shirt.
The information we provide is intended only to provide a better service, higher quality and speed.
Information on newsletters compliance
Messages and Newsletters sent through Oficina da T-shirt are in accordance with European legislation on the sending of commercial messages.
Any message must be identified with the data of the sender and should offer the recipient the chance to be removed from the list. (Directive 2000 / 31. / EC of the European Parliament; Report A5-0270 / 2001 of the European Parliament).