Printing Methods

Graphics Sublimation - Advertising
Serigraph - TransferDigital printing - Cut Vinyl - Pad Printing
Cut Vinyl
Storefronts, Cars, Exhibitors, Billboards 
The cutting Vinyl consists of a computerized cut self-adhesive vinyl, rugged and low cost, which can be applied on various surfaces. The cut Vinyl can be used for many different purposes.
Pad Printing
Pens, Lighters, Key chains      
Printing process bas-relief which is the indirect transfer of ink from the cliché for the piece to be decorated .A pad printing allows printing on flat areas, concave or convex, 1-4 colors, depending on the print area .
Screen Printing
Screen Printing Service
The Screen printing is the printing of one or more colors using a silken frame is photographed on which the photolithograph containing its message. This technique allows the printing on all types of materials and color selection.
Digital Transfer
Digital Transfer Service
The Digital Transfer enables printing without a border color on a special paper and applied on the article by pressure and heat. This technique allows printing on textiles, cardboard, polyester, pvc, since these materials are light-colored.
Transfer Serigraph
Transfer Serigraph Service
The Transfer Serigraph enables printing one or more colors on a special paper and applied on the article by heat and pressure. This technique also allows printing on textiles, cardboard, polyester, pvc, not limited by the color of the material.
Sublimation Printing
Sublimation is a process that involves the transfer image printed on paper or other substrate surface. Unlike conventional paints, ink SUBLIMATION pressure and heat is converted directly from solid to gas, resulting in the joining of synthetic fibers, such as polyester. After cooled, the molecules ink revert to the solid state and become permanent at the surface of polyester.
The Sublimation Transfer is given by printing images on inkjet printers using ink on paper SUBLIMATION sublimático.